TripLingo Romance Edition: Love Abroad

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There are a ton of apps headed down the ol' App Store highway that will make Valentine's Day magical for you and your significant other. But what about the lonely people of the world? And what's going to happen to folks in other countries during this, the cruelest of holidays? Don't worry lonely travelers. I got your back. You'll find love even if it means you get slapped in the face a few times.

What's it do?

The TripLingo Romance Edition gives you translations to common romantic phrases in other languages. If you're in France and you want to woo a special lady or fella, the app will give you appropriate phrases to help you find love. The app features the ability to adjust just how romantic you want to be from formal to slang.


Why do we like it?

Love doesn't understand geography or language. Fortunately this app does. Answer a few questions about what languages you'd like to learn and you're ready to impress that special someone on the bus. The app also includes audio of each phrase so you don't accidentally say something that'll get you punched in groin.

Illustration for article titled TripLingo Romance Edition: Love Abroad

TripLingo Romance Edition

Download this app for:

The Best

International romance

The Worst

Only 10 languages


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