TripWhat: All the Travel Data You Need Sucked Into One Little App

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Traveling, even when its meant to relax, can be an immensely overwhelming experience. And sifting through the endless sea of apps supposedly meant to "ease" the process doesn't exactly help the situation. TripWhat, however, takes those apps you already know and love and combines them to make one, comprehensive conglomerate of an app that takes at least some of the pain out of trip planning.

What does it do?

Takes data from from WikiVoyage, SeatGeek, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Wikipedia,, and the official websites of different attractions, restaurants and events and combines it in a map-centric interface, letting you find exactly what you need based on where you need it.


Why do we like it?

With such a massive amount of information, it'd be easy (perhaps even expected) for the app to be difficult to navigate, if not at least somewhat cluttered. But the UI elegantly employs swipes and gestures, making navigation a painless, enjoyable experience.


Unfortunately, the app is limited to Canada and the US, so world travelers won't exactly find what they're looking for. But if your dreams are more cross-country than trans-continental, you'll be pleasantly pleased to find all sorts of off-the-beaten-path, locals-only spots that you might not otherwise see. Non-iOS users aren't left out, either: TripWhat offers a handy little web app, so you can plan straight from your desktop.



Download this app for:

The Best:

Huge amounts of data in one place

The Worst:

Limited results for less-populated areas