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True Blood's Janina Gavankar reveals the dark secrets of shapeshifter dinner parties

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On this season of True Blood, one of the new faces around Bon Temps is Luna Garza, a skin-walking elementary school teacher who gets mixed up in the unceasing train wreck that is the life of shapeshifting restauranteur Sam Merlotte.

At Syfy's Comic-Con party, actress Janina Gavankar gave us her theory of how Luna and Sam met. Janina also expressed a desire to see more odd-toed ungulates round out the show's cast.


This season, Sam, Luna, and the other Louisiana shifters formed a shapeshifter supper club. Will we ever learn the origins of this magical dinner party?

I don't think so — this season takes place over a short amount of time. We had a time shift, so about a year went by, but this season happens over 10 days or so. But I've made my own backstory to how this comes about!


Oh? And what is this backstory?

Well, it takes one to know one, and [the shifters] all meet each other because one of us has fabulous friends and cooks fabulously. It's not so much a support group as it is a group of friends. We're all shifters, and we all like to get drunk and shift.

Luna's let Sam Merlotte into her life, but Sam's a guy who just can't get his act together. Will we see more of Good Sam or Bad Sam?

Luna has backbone, but she's also very vulnerable. This season you get to see him try to balance it out. It's good that he got his dark side back because he's been too much of a pushover. As I fan I say, "SAM! MAN UP!" But as Luna I say, "It's okay! Everything's fine! Let's just be happy together!" It's nice to see him have both sides.

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And if you shift this season into any animal, which one would you choose?

Shift into any animal this season? I would say...oh it's so hard...a rhinoceros! It would be nice to have a big [motions with hand] horn! Maybe I could do something dangerous with it!