Trump Nominates New FBI Chief in a Tweet Because Our Reality Is a Pixelated Nightmare

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If President Trump gets his way, Chris Christie’s personal lawyer will be the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Trump announced the nomination of this lawyer, a guy named Christopher Wray, in a tweet on Wednesday morning. Because, honestly, how else would Trump handle this?

Look at it:


No, seriously, that’s all America gets for now. The White House did not release an official statement, other than Trump’s tweet which is pretty much the only form of communication we’re getting from the president these days. There’s no official dossier being floated around the press that we’re aware of, though the news has been met with little alarm given the real world possibility that Trump could have nominated a war criminal or something to lead the investigation into his own ties with Russia. (The New York Times called Wray “a safe, mainstream pick.”) And don’t expect Trump to speak any words out loud, either. It’s been nearly a month since the president’s given the press an interview.

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So we’re left wondering. Indeed, Wray is not as controversial as Trump’s pick could have been. He’s not a stranger to controversy, either. After serving as assistant attorney general overseeing the criminal division under George W. Bush, Wray practiced law with the Washington firm King & Spalding. He also served as Christie’s lawyer when the former New Jersey governor faced backlash over closing a lane on the George Washington Bridge in an alleged revenge plot to get back at a Democrat mayor. Two of Christie’s former aides ended up going to jail in the scandal, though Christie was never charged. The Senate still needs to confirm Wray, so it remains unclear if the lawyer will get the job.

All that said, many should be relieved that Trump didn’t nominate a warlord or even a regular politician to run the FBI. His announcing Wray as his nominee—via Twitter, by the way—comes just a day before former FBI director James Comey is expected to testify on Capitol Hill about his fated role investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. Trump fired Comey for doing his job. Let’s all wish Wray well if he’s lucky enough to be the next target in Trump’s digital shooting range.


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