Trump's Pick For USDA Chief Scientist Isn't a Scientist, But He Is a Self-Declared Expert on 'Race Traitors'

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Sam Clovis, the climate-change-denying Iowa business professor with no formal scientific qualifications President Donald Trump has nominated to serve as chief scientist at the Dept. of Agriculture, should maybe have been a little more judicious about his blogging habits.


CNN’s KFile dug up a number of blog posts written as recently as 2011 to 2012 for the since-deleted website of his old radio show, “Impact with Clovis.” There’s no charitable way to put this: They are the ravings of a person with no connection to reality, which is entirely predictable for someone Trump thinks is a scientist, but probably not a very good track record for someone supposed to be an actual scientist.

In one post from September 2011, Clovis wrote Barack Obama associated with “socialists or worse, criminal dissidents,” adding “He has no experience at anything other than race baiting and race trading as a community organizer.” Another post written the month before urged Republican candidates in the 2012 primary elections to call out Democrats as “liars, race traders and race ‘traitors.’”

“We can go back 100 years and trace how the progressives, socialists and fellow travelers have done everything possible to keep minorities in this country enslaved to government,” Clovis bloviated. “The progressives have systematically attacked the individual, the black family unit, the black female and the black male to essentially eliminate people of color from the American landscape. Because elimination has become impractical, subservience to government is an acceptable second option.”

In another post, Clovis called black civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois the “first race-trader” for endorsing Democrat Woodrow Wilson, who was a pro-segregation racist (conveniently ignoring that Wilson backed other progressive policies which highly benefited black people, but nonetheless lost Du Bois’ support due to his stance on segregation).

Clovis took a number of other dubiously scientific—some might say dumbassed—viewpoints on his blog.

These included the view progressives want to “enslave people in a way of life that drains the very heart out of an individual, destroys the family, dismantles the efficacy of religion in our lives and destroys the fabric that holds our communities together.”


They also included a diagnosis of Obama as a “Maoist, anti-colonialist who is also a pathological narcissist,” posts suggesting Obama was paying off climate scientists and preparing to put conservatives on a kill list, and a lengthy explanation of how conservative “culture” explains why Iowa was better prepared to deal with natural disasters than New Orleans residents facing Hurricane Katrina.

The USDA chief scientist role has a number of important responsibilities. They include planning how our agricultural system will adapt to a changing climate, assessing what pesticides and herbicides can be safely sprayed on crops and in what quantities, advising the nation on what goes into a healthy diet and keeping your food safe from pathogens.


So yeah, remember that this racist, mustachioed doofus is who Trump wants to put in charge of all that. This an entirely par for the course for an administration staffing the Environmental Protection Agency with fossil fuel lobbyists and which regularly gets pranked by trolls, but that knowledge won’t make the trichinosis pass any easier.



"... An upperclassman who had been researching terrorist groups online." - Washington Post


::Gizmodo audience is given rantings from a conservative::
::conservative member of the audience wants to play the “other side is just as bad, and probably worse!” card::
::conservative member of the audience offers up Bill Nye as their example::

I am ... I will never stop being amazed at how people will gladly abandon any sense of logic when it comes to fighting for their ideology.