Illustration for article titled Try and Solve This 17x17x17 Rubiks Cube if You Dare

Unofficially, this is the world's largest cube puzzle. I get a headache just thinking about how one would go about solving this functioning 17x17x17 behemoth. If I actually tried solving this thing, I'd probably have a nervous breakdown.

Comprised of 1539 pieces and roughly 5.5-inches-long in each direction, creator Oskar van Deventer fabricated each individual part using a 3D printer, then he dyed and sorted each piece before assembling it into what your see here. The dyeing and sorting took 10 hours, while the assembling took another five. Hello, tedium!


If you'd like to dye, sort and assemble one yourself, you can spend roughly $2000 in parts here. If you want a finished product, you can email the creator here. [Shapeways]

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