Try Not to Smile While This Blind YouTuber Takes a Delightful Rollercoaster Ride

For the past four years, Tommy Edison has vlogged his experience as a blind man in a world full of people who can see. Some of these videos are revelatory, like when he explains how the blind use money, or what his dreams are like. Today he decided to find out what riding a rollercoaster feels like.


He admits that the West Coaster at Santa Monica Pier isn’t the craziest coaster in the park, but “it’s the one they’ll let us film.” Even still ,he sounds like he’s having the time of his life. He even gets a few jabs in at his cameraman’s driving. The only time I’ve seen him laugh more is when he read through the mean comments people have left on his videos.

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On a related note, I feel like sight and anticipation tend to heighten one’s fears when on a roller coaster or similar ride. If you get in your seat, put on the seatbelt/bar/whatever safey device, and then keep your eyes closed the entire ride, you won’t feel that dreaded pit-in-your-stomach fear ever.