TSA Scanners Can't Seem to Detect Your Concealed Weapons Through Shiny Clothes

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It never stops. Caught somewhere between hilarious and infuriating, Marilyn W. Thompson with the Washington Post discovered that her shiny shirt prevented the roughly $150,000 TSA scanner from doing its job. You mean wearing my late-90s shiny suit means EXTRA gropings??


Thompson remarked on her confusion that these scanners can pick up bladed weapons and ass explosives but can't handle a shiny shirt from Banana Republic. To the point that the agents in charge of the scans start whispering "Shiny shirt!" as though it's an emergency code. I'm with you! Maybe there should be three lines: one for the scanners; one for general gropies; and another for shiny gropies with a photo shoot for your trouble. The TSA is damned if they do, damned if they don't. [Washington Post]


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It's called every little bit. You pick up what you can and then deal with the rest. More is better than less which is better than nothing. Did you think the detectors were perfect?