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No, perhaps Tul isn't the first company to offer a graphics card with onboard HDMI (I seem to remember an earlier Sapphire card), but the more cards with HDMI support the merrier. Unfortunately, the PowerColor X1600 will also support HDCP copy protection. It's not unfortunate that it supports the copy protection, but unfortunate that Hollywood's old men in suits got their way.


A 500MHz core sits at the heart of the GPU while 256MB of GDDR 3 RAM eagerly await all those high resolution textures you throw at it. ATI's Avivo technology helps render HD content in all its full glory.

The CrossFire-compatible PowerColor X1600 is set to ship sometime next week, though Tul doesn't want to reveal its price just yet. Usually, that means it's very, very affordable.

Product Page [Tul via The Register]

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