Sapphire Radeon X1600Pro with HDMI Port

Although we've seen these floating around in the wild, SapphireTech has now officially announced the availability of its Sapphire Radeon X1600Pro graphics card. What's so unusual about it? Well, well, looky there—it's an HDMI port on its business end instead of the usual DVI. The 256MB card has SP/DIF coaxial digital audio, too, and the digital audio can also be passed through that HDMI port.


Competitor nVidia told us graphics cards like this were coming, but this is the first we've seen with such a port, well-suited for home theater use because it's HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) compliant. Next up with a card like this will be nVidia, at least that's what they told us a couple of weeks ago.

Press Release [Sapphire, Inc.]

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