Turn Your Office Chair Into An Office Bed In Seconds

Illustration for article titled Turn Your Office Chair Into An Office Bed In Seconds

If every office chair converted into a narrow bed-like furniture item like this, I'd be in heaven—there'd finally be an excuse for all those accidental office naps.


Now how do I convince whoever's in charge of outfitting the Gizmodo office with furniture to buy a bunch of these? [Akihabara News via SlashGear]

Whoops! Looks like this chair's been around for a while. Oh well, I'm still demanding to have a bunch of them added to the Gizmodo office.



I seem to remember reading (possibly even on Giz) about a kid who was sitting on an office chair. This chair's pressurized chamber exploded upwards and killed him through his anus.

My point is that sleeping in an office chair (which already sounds uncomfortable and dangerous since it could easily tip over) just isn't worth waking up to the feeling of falling and then realizing there is now a bloody hole where your penis used to be.