Turns out that Interstellar looks just as amazing made out of Lego

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Interstellar's first big story trailer blew our minds with its grand, intense look at space exploration - and it seems that, thanks to CBL Animation, it's just as awesome crafted out of tiny little Lego bricks.

Blending a mix of practical setbuilding and animation using Lego and Lego Minifigures with CG for the space elements, this shot-for-shot remake of the trailer is done brilliantly - and somehow manages to keep the wonderment and thrills of the original trailer, even if it's coming out of plastic people. It seems that even when made out of Lego, Michael Caine can give us chills.


For comparison, CBL also released a version that pairs his Lego trailer with the original side by side, so you can see just how closely the bricky-version nails its recreation:

Now if you excuse me, I need to go and see if anyone's pitched Lego Matthew McConaughey (who I think, in a particularly wonderful move, is basically just played by Lego Han Solo in the animation) and a model of the movie's gorgeous, rotating spaceship design on Lego Ideas.

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I kind of wish they had gone for the classic Lego Spaceman outfits, just for fun.