Twelephone Puts Video Calling Directly In Your Twitter Feed

As real-time communication is increasingly becoming the internet standard, Twelephone is stepping in taking voice and video calling straight to Twitter, no middleman required.


Twelephone is essentially Google Voice nestled snugly within the confines of your browser. Through WebRTC, which uses JavaScript APIs too allow in-browser real-time communication, the new service captures the microphone and camera from a user's computer directly and without using Flash. And all this is coming to you over a secure, encrypted connection.

Founder Chris Matthieu envisions his business model as the next step in brand to consumer interactions. Companies have already taken to Twitter in droves to humanize their image. Now, with voice and video calling thrown in the mix, anytime a customer takes to Twittersphere to spout their grievances, businesses can tweet them links to a video call and talk it out.

While this seems like everything social-media-savvy businesses could ever want, the real question's going to be how consumers take to the personalized interaction. It's far easier—and more enjoyable—to go on an impassioned, bitter diatribe when the object of your spite is a faceless avatar. But people just might be more hesitant knowing there exists the possibility of a real, live human face popping up in response to their venomous tweets.

You do, however, have to authenticate your account over Twitter to be able to make use of the service. The Twelephone Chrome extension is currently available, with Firefox and Opera support soon to come. [TechCrunch]


Denver is too damn high

Pretty soon they'll have a device that only requires us to know a uniquely assigned number and we'll be able to just put that into the device and talk to anyone. It's gonna be rad. I suspect apple will patent it.