Twilight Mob Of 3,000 Descends On San Francisco Mall

The doe-eyed Robert Pattinson had to cancel his Twilight signing after about 3,000 screaming fans showed up outside of the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. The unexpected numbers turned into a tween mob outside the mall where screaming fans pushed and trampled each other to get a closer look at Pattinson's lovely vampire mane, and giving me more evidence that the kiddies from Twilight are truly ushering in our inevitable apocalypse. [TMZ]



I've never understood the need to put actors on a pedestal to worship.

Sure, some are incredible at their job, but that rarely have anything to do with it.

The factors seems to include their looks and their exposure mainly. The more we see of the pretty people the more obsessed with them we become it seems. Or at least some of us anyway.

Besides, all actors have made at least one bad movie generally. Or at least one that wasn't more than "alright".