Twilight's Rathbone Hints He'll Give Pattinson A Vampire Smackdown

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Yesterday we met a real honest-to-god Twilight vampire, but he didn't sparkle. Still, Jackson Rathbone who plays doe-eyed Jasper in New Moon talked about what's different in the sequel, and what else he has in store for Edward.

We caught up with Jasper Cullen yesterday, and while we didn't have time to ask him about his lack of commitment to sparkle motion, we did get a little New Moon insight. First we asked what's going to be different between the first and second Twilight vampire flicks.


"I would say that Twilight is my favorite because it takes you into this realm, into this fantasy reality" Harwick explained. "As the films progresses [in the second book] you get deeper into the lore of the mythical world that we're establishing with the werewolves. [It] gets more into what the vampire society and legacy is, it keeps getting deeper. Plus you get the other side of that love story."

But how have things changed since the first film's director, Catherine Hardwicke, was let go? Rathbone talked about the new vibe on set, calling the first one a bit more indie. "We were all making it together and the way Catherine Hardwicke directs, it was a really fun vibe... In terms of having a new director [Chris Weitz], nothing really changed too much. It was just a different subtle, vibe, because the director kind of manages the energy on set, and it was great. We all wanted to come together and make another great piece of art for the fans. It's really about what they want to see, because they're the ones buying the tickets and what-not."


And finally, in regards to the scene where he gets flung into a piano by a pasty Robert Pattinson, Rathbone hinted that he gives as good as he gets: "That's only the beginning of it. They didn't show the entire thing. It's gonna be a really action-packed movie."