Twinned MP3 Player for the Couple that Shares Everything

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Are you in a relationship? Can you hardly bear to be apart from your partner for more than half an hour? Do you make out in the library while sitting next to a Gizmodo writer, totally unaware that someday he'll grumpily complain about you in a post? Well, I have the perfect mp3 player for you and your equally annoying significant other. The Twinned MP3 Player concept is actually two mp3 players, capable of holding only one playlist each: the same one. When combined, in that adorable spooning position, you can plug 'em into the computer to load your songs, but when separated, they can only play back the tunes you and your partner have chosen together. Just the one playlist. Forever. At least it's easier to throw away than a matching tattoo. It's definitely just a concept for now, with no mention of basics like how you control the thing, let alone price or release date. [Yanko Design]


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I don't think its the "spooning" position that combines the playlists, I think that is just a dock. It appears that it is the back-to-back position that is pictured standing up, which looks exactly like a chromosome, is how they interact.

From the site:

The unit must first be snapped in half in order to become functional, creating a formal ritual shared between two people. Music is uploaded to a shared online play list, which will only download new music when both MP3 players are in their docks, so that audio content always remains the same. Users build a soundtrack to their relationship, like a growing mixtape.