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Twist Up a Spiral Dog With the Cyclone Weiner Slicer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tornado hot dogs are the biggest thing since spiral cut ham on sliced bread. By carving a groove into the link around a meaty central core, the dog not only cooks faster with crispy edges but it also holds more condiments and prevents them from slopping out with each bite. The Cyclone hot dog slicer prepares these twisty franks without the need for a common kitchen knife. Because, I mean really, who keeps those lying around?

The Cyclone is a plastic corkscrew-like device that twists around the outside of the hot dog, scoring an even-depth trench in the meat stick. It's available in two colors (mustard yellow and ketchup red) and comes in two sizes for regular dogs and larger sausages, though they come as a set. The Cyclone retails for $12 over at Quirky. Pick up a pack for your next barbeque and for the love of John Wayne, please refrain from making any Lorena Bobbit jokes. [Quirky via Craziest Gadgets]