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Twitter's Latest Test Suggests That Tweet-Based Shopping Is Coming Soon

Illustration for article titled Twitters Latest Test Suggests That Tweet-Based Shopping Is Coming Soon

A group of Twitter users have spotted a "payment and shipping" option within their Android apps. As The Next Web pointed out, this is just one in a series of tests that suggest Jack Dorsey might be able to buy his latest monochromatic designer suit from within the platform he helped build.


The option can't be activated yet, but certain users can see it, like @am_Bix, who posted what he saw on Twitter:


This is far from the first sign that Twitter's gearing up to jump into e-commerce in a big way. Twitter recently acquired Cardspring, a platform that allows retailers to sell stuff to people through cards on third-party sites. Twitter wasn't exactly coy about the meaning of this acquisition, noting that it could lead to "in the moment commerce experiences." And Twitter has been testing the waters with different ways to incorporate buying crap into the tweeting experience, recently debuting a partnership with Amazon where you could put something in your shopping card via hashtag.

We haven't heard back yet from Twitter about whether this latest test means they are gearing up to put that Cardspring buy to good use... But it sure seems like they are. [The Next Web]

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