Twitter's Latest Update Brings Back Swipe and Adds Tablet Support

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The Swipe gesture was an indispensable function for power-Tweeters back in the day, so I never really understood why Twitter killed it off in the first place. Thankfully, Swipe's been resurrected a just-released update for both iOS and Android apps. And those aren't the only changes.

iOS app users will see a variety of bug fixes as well as once again be able to copy and paste text. To use it, just long-press the tweet you want copied. Also, the Share feature has been expanded. It the tweet contains a link, you'll not only be able to copy the tweet itself or email someone a link to it (as you had previously been able to) but you'll also be able to tweet, copy, or email that link independently from the tweet itself, as well as tag it for later reading and open the link directly in Safari. Users will also be able to adjust font sizes and mark all DM's as read simultaneously.

Android users will now be treated to a Twitter optimized for tablets. It will work on devices using Ice Cream Sandwich as well as the Kindle Fire, NOOK, and NOOK Color. The Kindle Fire is available today from the Amazon App Store, while support for the NOOK's will come only Thursday, February 23 from B&N's NOOK Store.


In addition, the Android app received its fair share of bug fixes as well as added support for devices that lack cameras or location-detection.

For both apps, Swipe is back. This gesture function allows users to reply to, retweet, favorite, share, check an other user's profile, without navigating away from the timeline. And finally, when user's engage the Find My Friends function, they'll receive an explicit warning that the company is going to hold onto your entire address book for the next 18 months. You know, for safe keeping. Both apps are currently available for download from their respective marketplaces. [TwitterBlog via TNW]

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Ever since they took away the 'swipe' functionality, I tried switching to Tweetbot and I've never looked back. Tweetbot does everything I need it to do, the UI is fantastic, and it's fast.

..also, I HATE (hate hate hate) how Twitter for iPhone now has a border along the left and right edges of the timeline. Not sure why, but aesthetically it drives me absolutely nuts.

So until they bring back the old Tweetie 2 UI, I'll happily be sticking with Tweetbot.