Two-Face is definitely out of The Dark Knight Rises. Plus the Super 8 monster and an Avengers villain possibly revealed!

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Today's spoiler roundup is extra crazy, as we examine reports of supposed Super 8 concept art and a villain for The Avengers. Cowboys & Aliens reimagines a classic western stunt with UFOs, while the Alien prequel hits another snag. Spoilerama!


The Dark Knight Rises

Another day, another totally ludicrous returning villain rumor. This time around, it's Two-Face, who despite having, you know, died in the last movie is still supposedly returning. Well, Aaron Eckhart has now put a definitive stop to those rumors, saying Christopher Nolan has told him his character will not be returning in any way, shape, or form. [MTV]

The rumor that the movie's story is based on "Batman: Prey" has resurfaced again. [AICN]

Now for some more concrete, if somewhat more mundane news, Christopher Nolan revealed the script is due today. [ComicBookMovie]

Super 8

Over the weekend, an IMDB user came forward with what he claimed was concept art for the Super 8 monster. Here's the photo in question: [Movieweb]


Now for some context. Here's his explanation for how he got his hands on it:

"So, my friends's brother's wife works for a company that does marketing for films, video games, music, etc. Occasionally she'll get chain mails from these companies which aren't supposed to go to them. A few days ago she received a chain mail intended for production staff within Paramount.


Yeah...that seems unlikely. The image's authenticity is supposedly confirmed by the presence of the Paramount and Bad Robot logos, but those are hardly difficult to fake.

The Avengers

This seems really, truly dubious, but IMDB says Robin Atkin Downes is voicing Baron Helmut Zemo in the movie. This seems particularly dubious when you consider Downes also plays the role in the cartoon The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. My guess is that this is just a case of crossed wire and the credit was meant to be for the cartoon only, but I suppose you never know. Heaps and heaps of salt for this one, at any rate. [Movieweb]


Tron Legacy

Here's a behind-the-scenes trailer focusing on the design aspects of the movie: [Den of Geek]


And here's some photos of Beau Garrett as Gem: [ComicBookMovie]

Cowboys & Aliens

Roberto Orci describes a particularly awesome-sounding scene with Daniel Craig, and how it evolved as they worked in the alien aspects of the movie:

Originally we had a big train sequence, where Jake and his gang had to like board the train mid-moving, and we actually ended up switching that to something more in between the two genres. And that was the biggest kind of a change. Instead of jumping on a train, he jumps on an alien ship. [laughter] But it's still the paradigm of the classic, the cowboy has to catch up to the coach and jump on it to save somebody. It was gonna be a train and then we were like, "It should be a ship."


[Superhero Hype]

Alien Prequel

Ridley Scott's two-part prequel has reportedly been pushed back a whole year, with release dates now set for 2013 and 2014. The link has more details on the current status of the project. [ComicBookMovie]


Ghostbusters 3

Ernie Hudson, who plays the fourth, often (and unfairly) forgotten Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore, gave this update on where the movie stands and how he feels about it:

Dan and Harold are working on the script. If it happens we will see but Bill has been the hold up. His definition of good is a little bit different than everybody else's. So we will see, I would love to see it happen. I know the fans have been asking for it…so hopefully.


[Movie Mikes]

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

Here's a supposed synopsis of the upcoming teaser trailer:

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon, from the teaser, plays it on conspiracy theories related to the moon landing. The first part of the movie alternates images of the control room at NASA and of the astronauts on the moon. The landing is what we know well, as are the famous words about the "giant leap for mankind." But we did not know what is the journey of the astronauts on the dark side of the moon, until the control room do not tell them that "... then we are not alone." Then we see some Transformers: the camera comes close to the eye of one of them, which starts to flash. But the camera does not stop, and takes us inside the robot and its mechanisms, making us understand that it's coming back into action."


It's not at all clear how the person behind this description would have seen the trailer in the first place, so I'd keep the grains of salt handy for this one. [Bad Taste via TFLAMB]


Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Josh Wyman gave a typically cryptic tease for what lies ahead in the second half of the season:

What can you tease about what's in store for fans when FRINGE returns in January of 2011?
J. Pinkner: Well the first half of the session was sort of like the condition of Olivia being trapped on the other side over there and Bolivia being among our characters. Now with this episode we're sort of-the remainder of this season, I don't know how much we want to spoil, but this episode sort of like brings the first half of the year to an end. Then the rest of the year will be the consequences and the fall out of what happened both emotionally and plot wise for all our characters. As we've said from the beginning, like we're committed to telling stories over there and the first half of the season will dramatically change the conditions over there as well. Once Olivia returns to our side, the storytelling's not just going to be contained on our side.
J.H. Wyman: Yes, I mean we're going to sort of like come to a crescendo using both sides.


On at least one point, however, they were reasonably definite:

Would it be fair to say that questions, such as the endgame in terms of "the machine" will be answered?
J.H. Wyman: We don't want to draw things out and make people frustrated with what that machine is and what it means to the series and the characters themselves. By the end of the session you're going to fully understand what that machine is and what its purpose is. What it's for. Meaning for this universe and that universe and what it means to our characters. We definitely are going to have some sort of resolution.


[TV Addict]

The Walking Dead

Producer Gale Ann Hurd reaffirmed that the fired writers story is inaccurate, and said that Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman should be meeting up to plan out season 2 in early 2011. She also said that all of the principal cast is signed on for multiple seasons. [EW]


Doctor Who

Karen Gillan offers this very informative preview of what's going to happen to Amy in series six: "I think a lot's going to happen to Amy. A lot!" [The Independent]


The Cape

Episode 7 is reportedly called "The Ghosts of Palm City", and here are a couple details:

- A young man named Austin says "the dead will rise," referencing a character who, we assume is thought to be dead, named Conrad Chandler.
- Orwell [Summer Glau] goes undercover at a place called The Meadows to investigate, taking on the alias of "Carrie Woodhouse" and saying that Orwell sent her. (When of course, she IS Orwell!)



Here's a new promo, as well as some photos: Click to view


Here's a promo trailer for episode 5: [ComicBookMovie]


Here's a promo for the next episode, "Icarus", which reveals once again that Michael Hogan is at his absolute best when wearing a ridiculous frakking eyepatch: [ComicBookMovie]

And this gallery reveals this is the episode where Clark pops the question to Lois:



Here's a synopsis and some photos for episode 10, "Hollow Men": [Sci Fi Scoop]

Magnus tells Adam Worth she is leaving to find the hidden city. Although he warns her of great danger there, she insists he stay behind and promises to bring back the cure to their radiation illness.


Being Human

Here's another promo for the upcoming Syfy remake: Click to view

Here are some interviews with the cast: [ComicBookMovie] Click to view

Additional reporting by Chelsea Lo Pinto and Charlie Jane Anders.




We don't know that Two Face died...I don't recall, but we didn't see a casket and Batman survived the fall.

We only know that Harvey Dent died, for all we know Two Face could be sitting in Arkham right now.