Two More Versa Security-Conscious Laptops From NEC

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It's laptop mania here this week, and NEC continues the trend with the announcement of two additions to its Versa line, the M360 (pictured here) and the M160. While you won't be doing any serious gaming on either of the laptops, they do offer a pretty decent value, especially considering the starting $750 price tag. The laptops have a Centrino Duo, a 15.4-inch widescreen LCD and built-in Wi-Fi. The "rugged" M360 also has a port replicator.

Again, these laptops are more for mega-important junior executive types, hence, the biometric finger scanners' presence and NEC's emphasis on security over bleeding edge performance. Those important documents need to be kept safe from the prying eyes of the competition, it seems. They're available now.


NEC Strengthens Secure Laptop Range [BIOS via CrunchGear]

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