Two PS3 Slim Models Glimpsed On FCC

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Still mashing your thumbs on the original PS3, after the PS3 Slim failed to ignite your fire? Yeah, me too—but unfortunately Sony's not going to give us love anytime soon, looking at these FCC documents.

The two documents don't detail any of the changes, though it looks like they're physically similar to the current Slims available today. Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi are both ever-present, but as for the other components? Start revving your Photoshop's engine to send some "leaks" spiraling onto the gadget blogs. [FCC via PS3 News via Engadget]

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It's cool Sony is releasing new Slims if they are adding features or increasing hard drive space.

I think Sony needs to work on keeping the current Slims in stock. I work at Wal Mart, and we have gotten very few in recently. The second we get them, they are gone, and it's not making a lot of people very happy.

Sony has Heavy Rain, FFXIII (which will mainly be played on ps3), and GOW3 coming out, so they really need to work on getting ps3 manufactured and sent to retail outlets.