TWTIT: Regress (Dichotomy (Freccia))

What started out as a bit of cover art for German artist Novoline has taken on a life of its own and mutated into this ominous digital blob. You can almost feel it pulsating through the screen and worming its way into the depths of your psyche.

According to the video's creator, Andreas Gysin, is technically a micro site for Novaline's new 7" record release:

The animation is driven by a small JavaScript program and rendered on a html canvas; it consists of a grid of characters in motion. Each letter has a few attributes like colour, weight, position, rotation, etc. Some of those attributes get the values out of a small texture (a tiny off-screen canvas) which simplifies the animation and pattern creation process. To create the airport-display-like animations...string are composed out of repeated character sequences which then build patterns and rhythms.


The effect is unmistakably unnerving.

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