U.S. Travelers Lose 12,000 Laptops Every Week

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All you travelers coming home tomorrow from your wild and crazy Independence Day weekend vacations, don't be one of 12,000 people who lose their laptops at airports every week. That's right, that ain't no typo—12,000 dudes and dudettes somehow manage to misplace their portable computers every seven days. That's 600,000 machines a year, many containing sensitive information that companies need to account for.


According to a study by the Ponemon Institute and Dell, only 30 percent or so lost laptops are ever recovered. Los Angeles' LAX airport reported having the most lost laptops out of any other airport, with 1,200 going missing every week. The most likely place for you to lose your computer is at security checkpoints and departure gates-so no matter how many beers you downed this weekend, try to be a little more alert while going through those areas, yeah? [Newlaunches]

picture credit: Mike Reger

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@JDisnidiet: It's not as though it's farfetched. There are millions upon millions of travelers trekking about around us yearly, and a lot of them lose all sorts of expensive shit, like their high-end digital cameras, credit cards, money and so forth. I wonder how much all of that hard currency lost in one year would amount to if you were able to pile its equivalent all together.