Uber Is About to Be a New York City Courier Service

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Starting tomorrow, Uber is adding a new option to its car services—UberRUSH. It's a local New York City courier service (and experiment) that will deliver your items, either by cyclist or by foot to a specified location of your choosing, all from an app.


Uber teased the new service from its Twitter account today:

TechCrunch followed up with specifics, which Josh Mohrer, the General Manager of Uber NYC, confirmed to CNBC.

The base rate for the service will be $15, with more on top depending on the distance of the trip. To start, the 24 hour service will cover Manhattan from the Financial District to 110th street with specific zones marked off to categorize pricing per zones traveled. Each additional zone in a journey will tack on another $5 to the base fare, but it tops out at $30.

NYC bike messengers have a reputation for being a bit rough around the edges, while Uber's vehicles and driver's are known for their premium class, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of riders Uber rounds up for the job. Either way, they better offer good insurance. [Uber via TechCrunch]


What happens when the Uber driver hits the Uber bike messenger?!?! WHAT THEN?!