Uberbed Lift: Stashes Your TV and Shame

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Whether you are ashamed for spending your child's tuition on your bedroom television, or ashamed of using said television to watch Friends reruns along with your still-Tivoed episodes of Joey, we're guessing you are on the right track. And you could use the Uberbed Lift to hide your self-loathing (when not in use).


The MK1 Studio Uberbed Lift supports flat panels up to 50" as long as you sleep on a king-sized bed with 8" of clearance. In just 45 seconds, a robotic arm that will later turn on your spouse pulls out your television, positioning the display to whatever angle you feel is optimum. Cable/satellite/DVD can be conveniently stored under your bed as well, where the Boogie Man can change the channel for you since your IR universal remote is officially SOL.

No price, but hit the jump to see some video of the Uberbed Lift in action.


Product Page [via newlaunches]

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I emailed the manufacturer and got a speedy reply from Matthew Cosman on the subject of warranty issued with plasma screens:

If that is what is stated on their manuals then I have to stand with them. If their displays are not capable of being laid down then I would go with the manufacturer on that. We have never had a display die in the 7 years we have been putting them on underbed lifts. Brands include Runco, Nec, Pioneer, Panasonic, Vizio.

On the flip side if you are interested in an Underbed Lift and you buy directly from the factory I will throw in a 40" lcd.

Matt Cosman


+1 for a prompt reply

+2 For not being a pussy and evading the question