Ubuntu Cola Makes Us Realize Our Carbonated Ignorance

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Having had Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Microsoft Cola and Wal-Mart's own brand cola in our blood streams, all at mutually exclusive time points in our lives, we considered ourselves cola connoisseurs. How wrong we were. We were fools, for coladom has a new king and its name is Slim Shady Ubuntu cola!


We don't know what it tastes like, but we hope the recipe wasn't open source. We also hope the Fair Trade beverage is so fair it is free, just like Gutsy is now. Mind you, it's all for a good cause, so get consuming whatever the price. Of course, you'll have to find some first. A good place to start would be Tom Lynch's university—ask him where that is by contacting him via his Flickr page. [Flickr]