Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Released Into the Wild

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It's a big day for us Ubuntu fanboys, because today's the day the final version of Ubuntu 7.04, lovingly known as Feisty Fawn, goes live and is available for download. This version of the dope-easy Linux operating system's biggest innovation is its Windows desktop migration tool, where the smart Feisty Fawn knows if you're going to be doing a dual boot and imports bookmarks and wallpapers from Windows.

Another big problem of Ubuntu's is nearly solved with the addition of multimedia codecs, making it easier to use in the home theater. There's also enhanced support for wireless networking. Heck, this solves two of the main problems we've had with Ubuntu in one swoop. But what can you do with this compact, yet highly developed OS?

Try it, you might like it. There are so many applications available for Linux right now, there's hardly anything it can't do. Well, except for speech recognition.


We have a feeling that someday everyone will be using Ubuntu. It's getting more foolproof with every release, and hey, it's free for the takin'. Maybe that's why 33% of the users here at the Midwest Test Facility are using it.

Download it Here [Canonical, via Wired] (Thanks, Mike!)

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I'm not a Linux fan and have very little expirence with it, and none with this specific product. However, I did manage to get Ubuntu installed on my PS3 and I love it. I just can't seem to get Mythtv to read my video and adiou files off my PC. But that could be a format issue. Maybe I'll wipe my PS and clean and try getting this version installed.

p.s. For those that want to do something like this but are intimidated by the thought of, go to www.psubuntu.com. There are some really easy to follow walk throughs and good community support.