UFO sightings in Argentina on the rise

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Over the past few weeks, we've heard about several UFO sightings and mysterious animal mutilations in Argentina. Here's the latest UFO sighting.


Shot by journalist Nestor Sanchez about 180 kilometers west of the city of Salta, this object hovered over a hill and disappeared so quickly that Sanchez didn't see it until he looked over his photographs later.

Sanchez was part of a group of travelers who were photographing the scenery on a highway that led from Argentina into Chile. And that's when he caught this odd image. Is it a high speed alien craft, or just a giant mutant locust?

Inexplicata reports:

According to Salta's "El Tribuno" newspaper, Sanchez explained that he photographed the object using a "high speed Nikon D90 camera". "I shot a sequence of images and the object appeared in one of them. It was not recorded by the human eye probably due to the fact that it flew at a high rate of speed," he explained.

Describing himself as "a skeptic when it comes to the subject," the financial columnist for Salta's Channel 11 said he was "surprised". "If one enlarges the image, you have the certainty of facing something manmade. I first thought it could be one of the F-16s of the Chilean Air Force, patrolling the area, but it wasn't. I'm impressed." Sanchez is also the host of a radio talk show on Radiodos, FM 93. The image was taken on the first of the month (06.01.11) shortly after 11 a.m.

(Translation by S. Corrales, IHU)

There have been so many UFO sightings in the country of late that the Argentinian military is working with a special unit of scientists and experts who will study UFOs and take reports from people who claim to have seen them.


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