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Uhh, Bang With Friends Is a Sexiness Score for Your Facebook?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even if it oozes the desperation of sex-starved C++ nerds, the theory behind Bang With Friends is genius. A service that helps people who know each other hook up—if and only if both parties are interested in getting jiggy. It's funny! And as Mark Wilson at CoDesign points out, the service has lured in a half-million users in just a few weeks, so the developers are expanding with new features.

Of particular interest are the forthcoming detailed profiles and more sophisticated analytics. In the words of one of the developers Bang With Friends will turn into a game of sorts. Get this:

It's like a Klout score for your weekly sexiness

Whoa! Klout is so useless! But we could see ourselves getting much more interested in that ridiculous Klout score if it correlated directly to our sexiness. Oh, modern romance, you are sad. Be sure to read the whole story over at CoDesign. [CoDesign]