UK Reconsiders iTrip Ban

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Well slap me around and call me Jenkins. It seems the great United Kingdom is reconsidering the ban that is placed upon the iTrip. For those unfamiliar, the iTrip is a low power FM transmitting iPod accessory made by Griffin. Get the full scoop after the jump.

The iTrip was banned because it violated the Wireless Telegraphy Act from 1949. Yes, the greatness of the iTrip is hindered by a 57 year old act. The act forbids the installation or use of radio equipment in the UK unless the Secretary of State granted a license. Granted permission for the iTrip was denied.


While there are still means to get an iTrip into the UK—unlike Iceland and Austria who have stopped shipments at the bonder entirely—there is still that pesky law that could cause problems if one were found to be using the iTrip.

Ofcom has said that they will be reconsidering the ban on the iTrip. Clayton Hirst, Ofcom rep, said that the organization is "working with other European administrations to develop a common set of standards to allow some low-power devices to be sold and used in the UK." But the devices are going to be forced to meet strict technical standard to minimize interference to other radio users.

Like any legal matter, this reconsideration will likely take a while, but that is okay. This is just a baby step to opening up the airwaves for more modern technology.

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