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The original iTrip was far from broken to begin with, but Griffin Technology decided to fix it anyway. The only thing plaguing the original iTrip was the lack of easy frequency changing.

The new iTrip has a small LCD that allows for easy changing with the assistance of a knob/button on the end of the iTrip. The LCD has a backlight that activated when using the controls. This iTrip also has a feature to change between DX and LX. The LX mode broadcasts the audio in stereo, while the DX mode broadcasts the signal in mono. The DX mode broadcasts a stronger signal that will prevent less FM interference. Mono is a perfectly functional for listening to spoken word such as podcasts and audiobooks. Another added feature is a capability to switch to foreign frequencies. This can be done by holding down the control button for eight seconds. The extra features definitely make this a worthy FM transmitter and will be available soon for under $50.


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