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Ultimate Ears Is Releasing a Wireless Earbud That Promises to Mold to Your Ear Shape

Illustration for article titled Ultimate Ears Is Releasing a Wireless Earbud That Promises to Mold to Your Ear Shape
Photo: Ultimate Ears

I have, for quite some time now, had terrible trouble finding an earbud that truly fits my weirdly small ear canals. In fact, I was imploring my colleagues for a solution to this problem just this week. So I’ll admit, my ears perked up when I caught wind of a forthcoming earbud from Ultimate Ears that claims to “mold to perfectly fit individual ears in less than a minute.”


I’ll admit that the process by which the true wireless buds, appropriately named the UE Fits, actually pull this off sounds pretty wild. Using a companion app, the earbuds use gel-filled tips with embedded LED lights to map the contours of your ears before hardening to the perfect shape—all in under a minute. Ultimate Ears claims this fitting system creates a comfortable fit “free of pressure, pain or irritation, even after extended use.”

Illustration for article titled Ultimate Ears Is Releasing a Wireless Earbud That Promises to Mold to Your Ear Shape
Image: Ultimate Ears

The outside of the earbud, meanwhile, is a pill-shaped capsule of just over an inch in length that comes in a light gray, lilac, and a deep navy blue. Because of the way they fit, Ultimate Ears says they’re capable of blocking out ambient noise. On their own, they’ll provide up to eight hours of listening on a single charge, but they’ll last up to 20 hours with extra juice from their USB-C charging case. And the company says they’ll get a Bluetooth signal up to around 50 feet.

They are sweat-proof and water-resistant, which is nice if you’re the kind of person who uses earbuds while working out (and their fit should in theory be ideal for this too). As for on-bud controls, you’ll be able to start and stop music as well as answer calls from the earbuds themselves. But Ultimate Ears says that its companion app does allow for button control customization for things like voice assistant support and skipping tracks. The UE Fits are currently available for preorder and will ship later this fall.

Unfortunately, these custom buds don’t come super cheap: They retail for $249, so they’re right on par with Apple’s AirPods Pro. But maybe—just maybe!—this will be the wireless solution to my longtime earbud woes. And hell, I’ll try anything at this point.

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They’re ugly as sin (what’s with the pill shape?) but I, too, have trouble finding buds that fit my ears. In my case, the buds seem to always fall out, no matter what type or size of tips I use (I’ve tried three different types of buds, using rubber, silicone, and foam tips, each of 3 different sizes).

The Pixel Buds OG stayed in my ear very well but had their own problems.

The best true wireless ones I’ve found is the Pixel Buds 2, which help with that little rubber “wing” and the fact that they’re so lightweight so they don’t pull out as much. But they’re still not ideal.

I would happily pay $250 for a set of buds that actually stay comfortably in my ear.