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Ultimate Tailgating Trailer Lets You Party in a Parking Lot in Style

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seeing a football game in person is clearly better than watching it on TV, and not just because you get to avoid the 10,000 ads they air per game and John Madden's idiotic commentary. No, it also gives you a great opportunity to eat meat and get wasted in a parking lot. Helping you out in both those endeavors, this "Tailgating Trailer" is sure to make you a hero in your section of the parking lot.

It's loaded up with a 27-inch LCD TV, satellite dish, DVD player, generator, propane grill, sink with running water (somehow… not sure I understand the logistics of this one), beer on tap and a toilet, just in case you aren't grossed out by the idea of pooping in a trailer in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium. Save your pennies if you want one, as it'll set you back a solid $14,000. For that amount, you could probably just buy the Buffalo Bills. [Product Page via BornRich]