Unbelievably realistic face is actually completely computer generated

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The only thing that I think that doesn't look 'human' about Ed, this computer generated human head designed by Chris Jones using Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita, is his ears. Oh and how he doesn't have a body. But everything else is pretty perfect: the oil and bumps on his face, the wrinkles, I can even believe he has a soul behind those eyes.


When you see the video below, the up close shots of 'Ed' are a little too perfect but there are certain parts of the video when you can hardly tell he's a fake person.

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Detailed? Yes. Realistic? No. There are a few areas that give it away.

1) The eyes. There's still something fairly dead and robotic about them. Plus, the shading across the eyeballs don't quite seem right.

2) The ears. It's like somebody is holding a flashlight right behind them. That much sub-surface scattering (SSS) tends to give objects that translucent waxy look. Too much of it is what you're seeing here. You can also see it happening in the nostrils.

3) The skin overall. The specularity mask used, combined with the SSS, makes the skin feel a bit too glossy in places.

4) The mouth. Part of it seems to be the material. The other part seems to be with the movement across and around the corners. Neither ring true enough.

Excellent work, but it misses the mark in the areas where most such pieces also fall short.