Unedited: Watch Us Love and Then Hate This Utterly Useless Thing

At first glance a paperclip/USB flash drive hybrid seems like a good idea, right? You can hand someone a secured stack of documents that also includes a digital version of all the files. And a built-in one inch ruler is just bonus functionality.

But once you actually start working out the logistics, particularly given this flash drive's design, you start to question whether it's actually a good idea. And as we discovered in our Gizmodo chat room, it's not. As a ruler it's uselessly short, as a paperclip it's awkward to use, and as a flash drive $108 is asinine for just 8 gigabytes of storage.

Michael Z. this paper clip/ruler has a 8gb flash drive in it: http://www.frohneusa.com/eclip.html


via: http://www.core77.com/blog/object_cu…
Joe ooh sam loves flash drives
Sam B. that's great if you're measuring a bug
Joe or a hem!
Andrew L. or other flash drives
Sam B. or another paper clip
Michael Z. or your dick. burn.
Barrett haha
I like it!
Sam B. I do too
Joe it is actually not very useful as a paperclip either
Sam B. yeah paper clips are disposable
or like
Joe use it to hold some papers toghether and you can't use your flash drive or ruler
Sam B. clipping something
nevermind I changed my mind I don't like this thing
Michael Z. it's good for clipping to your shirt pocket
Mario A. This multi-purpose tool might not be useful for anything but we still love it
Barrett yeah, what zhao said!
Michael Z.

Sam B. clipping a flash drive to your shirt pocket is a great way to get punched in the stomach
Joe this is a pretty universally useless thign
Andrew L. paging doctor stomach punched
Leslie H. haha sam
Joe Unedited
Mario A. The Least Useful Tool In the World
Barrett multitool
Joe Watch Us Love and Then Hate This Utterly Useless Thing
wanna do it as an unedtied Andrew?
Mario A. 8GB is pretty good, tho
Andrew L. sure!
Joe I knew we could find something for the Pros column
Leslie H. hey i think it's cute
(female perspective)
Michael H. it looks like a tongue depressor


[Frohne via Core77]

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