Illustration for article titled Ungrateful Guy Allegedly Assaults Girlfriend Cause He Didnt Want a Wii for Christmas

Heath Blom did not want a Wii for Christmas. When his grandparents gave him one, he flipped out—as kids sometimes do—except he's 26 and was arrested on misdemeanor "domestic-related" assault charges.


Sergeant Kuffer Kaltenborn explains that "Heath Blom wanted a remote-controlled airplane for Christmas, and not the Wii," unlike every other person on the planet under 30. The paper isn't too clear on what exactly went down, but it appears that Blom acted like a real asshole in front of his grandparents and his girlfriend called him on it: "When he didn't get the plane, he got really upset. He acted like a 10-year-old kid."


One thing led to another, and she alleges that "He dragged me down two flights of stairs, by the hair," Young said. Blom, on the other hand, says that he "stood in the doorway trying to block her. She punched me in the eye. She punched me three times. I said ‘That's it.' And I pulled her hair." However it happened, both were hauled off by the cops and booked on misdemeanor charges of "domestic-related" simple assault.

Today's holiday lesson: Don't act like an ingrateful prick when you get a Wii for Christmas, or you will go to jail. Anyone else think an appropriate sentence would be giving the Wii (or several) to charity? [Boston Herald via Game Politics via Kotaku]

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