Attack on Titan's Titans are gigantic, hulking monstrosities with a penchant for gobbling up the remnants of Humanity - so what better thing to do than recreate life-sized versions of them for our viewing pleasure? Universal Studios Japan will be doing just that next year.

Attack on Titan: The Real (Oh, Japan) is a collaborative attraction coming to the Japanese theme park next year, its main drawing point being two life-sized statues of the Rogue Titan (15 metres tall, or roughly 49 feet) and Female Titan (14 metres, or roughly 46 feet) from the smash-hit Anime/Manga series duking it out:


They're meant to be the first statues of their kind ever made, and I assume it's meant to give park-goers the feeling of being in the Survey Corps as they gaze up at the gigantic things - but I really hope no one tries to climb one in a desperate attempt to slice at the back of their necks. Which you know, I expect to happen at least once or twice.

The attraction is due to run between January 23rd and May 10th, alongside other collaborations for Universal Studios under the 'Universal Cool Japan' banner, including attractions based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, Biohazard (that's Resident Evil to us in the west) and Monster Hunter.

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