The Lego Architecture Studio is a must have for design pros and fans

Most people think Lego is a toy for kids, but many adults love to create their own models. In fact, architects and designers use it to sketch concepts in 3D. The Lego Architecture Studio is for them: it contains 1,200 monochromatic bricks selected by and for architects—and architecture lovers.


Unleash Your Inner Frank Lloyd Wright With Lego

Fancy yourself the next Neutra, Meier or Lautner? Then you need the new Lego Architecture Studio. It's the perfect toolkit for any aspiring architect and designer. It's a completely free-building Lego experience. And it totally rocks.

The toolkit is designed to encourage you to build unique architectural creations, using over 1,200 monochromatic white bricks, plates, slopes and tiles (most are white, but some are transparent, which make for nice doors and windows). There's also a 272-page design guide included, that teaches "concepts such as scale, mass and density, symmetry, modules and repetition, space and section, [and] surface." This isn't a standard construction book, it's more an inspiration, style and idea guide. It even comes with exercise sections, where you can further explore the concepts discussed, in a hands-on way.


This past weekend Barnes & Noble held their first-ever Lego Architecture Studio celebration in honor of the launch. It was a glorious affair. Over 450 B&N stores took part. I left with two design toolkits, and at $150 bucks a pop they weren't cheap, but definitely worth it. I can see this being used in schools, to teach basic design principles. And who knows, maybe the next Corbusier, Wright or van der Rohe will learn the skills of his craft with one of these toolkits...

You will be able to get it everywhere on August 1.


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