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Unofficial Wii DVD Playback Now Available, Requires Modded Wii

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It looks like DVD playback is finally available for Wii, but it doesn't come from Nintendo and it will require you to have a modded console —like those Nintendo doesn't want you to have. Team Symbiote's hack looks simple, but requires you to start up from a CD and then change to the DVD. Not very practical but if it works as claimed it shows Nintendo can do it. So why the Big N doesn't give us DVD playback on Wii? Our thoughts and a poll after the jump.


The only reasonable explanation is that DVD playback will make the Nintendo more expensive or their margins less juicy, as it will require them to pay licensing fees. However, if it's possible to do this in software, one way to do it would be to release a DVD Channel in their Shopping Channel and get the final user pay those fees. Easy and painless for everyone, but


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