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3DAround Camera App Will Add a New Dimension to Your Food Photography

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Innovation in the world of food photography has been a long time coming, and I wouldn't mind a little shake up since my Instagram feed is completely full of it. An upcoming iOS app releasing next month called 3DAround will do exactly that—by capturing every angle of that delicious dish you're about to devour.

The app's creators, Dacuda, gave TechCrunch a sneak peek of their upcoming app, which essentially turns your smartphone lens into a 3D scanner. A series of burst photos are structurally stitched together creating 360-degree views of any object. Whether it's food or something else is entirely up to you, but the applications for photo-obsessed gourmands are pretty obvious. In fact, the app developers created 3DAround with that specific use case in mind. As TechCrunch says while speaking with Dacuda's CTO Alexander Ilic:

Ilic says the inspiration for the app came from watching food blogger friends take dozens of photos of plates of grub from different angles and struggle to decide which was best. He thought "Why can't you just go around the whole thing, so you don't have to worry about the perfect shot with a single angle."


As displayed in the video, 3DAround can also create a tilt 3D effect similar to HTC One M8's Dimension Plus ability made possible by its onboard Duo Camera. Dacuda says you'll then be able to view these three-dimensional creations in WebGL-based browsers like Chrome and "some version" of the photos will also be social media friendly.

Even if the experience lives only within the app, it's a pretty neat camera trick and one of HTC's more useful features recreated via free software for iPhone. When the app releases next month, it will only work with iOS 8 because the team needed access to the iPhone camera's API, which Apple finally grants in its latest software release.


Now, you no longer have to capture your food's most delicious angle, 3DAround will just capture all of them at once. [TechCrunch]