Illustration for article titled Update: Sacramento Sheriffs Dept Launches Criminal Investigation Into Wii Water Death

It seems the Sacramento Sheriff's Department was keeping tabs on the Internet, and specifically our heated discussion yesterday regarding the death of Jennifer Strange (pictured right, with family) in a "Hold Your Wee for a Nintendo Wii" contest put on by a local Sacramento radio station because a criminal investigation has begun.


Our poll yesterday, whether the 10 responsible employees should face legal repercussions, was pretty even until the audio clip of the actual show was found. The audio clip showed a lack of health concern or overall responsibility by the DJs and made the blood boil of many Gizmodoites (including myself).


I didn't pass the bar, but I know a little bit—so wouldn't this situation depend on what specifically was stated in the required waivers for the criminal investigation? Or would it even matter what the waivers said?

Criminal Investigation Into Radio Wii Death [Kotaku]


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