Update: Victim Labels iPhone Robbery a Hate Crime

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Last Friday, we posted a public bus surveillance video that captured a barbarous attack on a man "for his iPhone." Since then, MacBlogz has spoken with the unnamed victim. And—no huge surprise here—he felt that the robber was going more for blood than his popular Apple product.

The attacked lasted 2-3 minutes and they left out the part where I actually grab the guy by his balls and twist and pull them...This was more of a hate crime than it was from him trying to steal my iPhone. If he wanted the iPhone it fell from my hands and slid under the seat. My interview was pulled from the local website possibly because I mentioned hate crime.


He also reveals that the bus driver had left the vehicle and that one of the bus passengers was actually friends with the assailant. For the full account, be sure to hit the link. [MacBlogz]

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Mark Wilson

@92BuickLeSabre: Two things to note. One, I personally banned the "curb stomp" commenter and deleted their comment - and deleting comments is something we do very, very rarely. Secondly, it would have been irresponsible of us to not post the victim's take on the attack after reporting the original incident, especially as it altered the nature of the story.