Updated iMacs Coming Next Week?

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Geeksugar's got an interesting scoop on a supposed iMac refresh coming next week. Their guess is a speed bump and a storage increase, but the design will be exactly the same and will be priced the same as before. If you're curious whether or not their source is accurate, it's the same person that tipped them off to a MacBook and MacBook Pro refresh right before that actually happened. The tip was off by a slight detail (multitouch trackpad), but otherwise it was pretty legit. Unless you've got some stolen cash that you're dying to change into a computer today, we'd recommend waiting just to be safe. [Geeksugar]



USB extension cables are typically $2 or less. Also, I would like to point out that most keyboard cables aren't long enough to work with the slide out keyboard drawers without an extension, but Apple's are certainly the shortest I have seen.

I think Apple made them so short because most people place their keyboards directly in front of their iMacs and don't want 3 feet of Cable cluttering up their desks.

I wonder if they ship an extension or longer cable with people who buy Mac Pros? Typically, you're not going to have your tower close enough to the keyboard for the short cable to work.