Updated Kindle iOS App Adds a Newsstand and a PDF Reader

Illustration for article titled Updated Kindle iOS App Adds a Newsstand and a PDF Reader

Amazon is trying to sell you magazines on the iPad. The latest update to the Kindle app for iPad now has a newsstand for reading Kindle Fire magazines, a built-in PDF reader, and slickly designed text book replicas.


For the most part the magazines in the new app read a lot like PDFs—great for the iPad user who doesn't like iPad magazine bells and whistles. See the quick comparison above between two versions of a Popular Science article. The one on the left is the page as it runs in print an in the Kindle App. The image on the right is the interactive image from the iPad magazine. The addition of newsstand also makes available several titles, like PC Magazine, which aren't available on the iPad yet. And maybe the most exciting part for everyone who thinks iPad magazines can be a tad bloated and resource intensive: Kindle Fire magazines are cheaper. [iTunes]


I like to soak in the tub and read. I won't be buying any Kindle or any Nook until they come up with one that's waterproof. If I drop a paperback book in the tub, I'm out eight bucks. If I drop an ereader, I'm out a lot more than that.