UPS Just Made Me Love Them (via Text Message)

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I can safely say that no package company has pissed me off more times than UPS. But now they're going to text me with a smaller delivery window and let me respond in kind? Come back to me, baby!

If you miss package deliveries enough to want to punch something, this will make you happy. The day your package is scheduled to be delivered, UPS will text (or email or call) you with a four-hour delivery window. This service, called UPS My Choice, is free and launches October 3rd. For a $5 fee you can reschedule delivery or ask them to deliver to another address. $5 is a little steep for that if you ask me, but there have definitely been occasions where getting the package that day would have been worth it to me.


They're also rolling out a premium service, where for a $40 annual fee you get to choose your four-hour window, track your deliveries online, and leave instructions like "give package to one-legged man living under my stairs." For $5 more you can select your own two-hour window, which is pretty sweet indeed. UPS is setting the bar high for themselves on this one, let's see if they can follow though. [Mashable]

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