US Army Bans Toe Shoes for Looking So Damn Goofy

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FiveFingers running shoes and the rest of the quasi-barefoot movement are a pretty zealous bunch—they wear a pretty polarizing shoe. But the debate is now quashed in the military, with an official ban. Why? They look too silly.

According to an official Army memo, GearJunkie reports, FiveFingers and any similar shoes "that feature five separate, individual compartments for the toes" are banished from military footsies on the grounds that they "detract from a professional military image."

On the one hand, freedom of choice, personal liberties, etc. On the other hand, they do really look kind of dumb, and I'd have a hard time taking myself and my comrades seriously if we were all running around with dainty foot-gloves. [GearJunkie]


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