US Government Shutting Down 40% of Its Data Centers

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Continuing with their spring (summer?) cleaning, the government has elected to shut down 800 of their vast collection of 2,000 data centers across the country over the next four years. Officials expect the pruning to save us billions.


Currently, the US spends $80 billion on information technology to run its numerous services and websites, making it the biggest buyer of IT in the world. But, in a bid to make the computing more efficient, many of these services will be consolidating and moving into the cloud. Sharing the computing load by performing tasks remotely and in tandem saves both processing power and money, saving $5 billion a year. And closing down the data centers, apart from it being better on the environment, will save $3 billion a year in energy costs.

And we're already ahead of schedule, on track to close down 373 center by 2012.

Again, this is part of a larger governmental effort to reduce spending that goes into redundant services. While the number of data centers in the country has ballooned over the last decade, officials are starting to agree that we simply don't need that many, even when more services are pushed online in the future. Looks like progress to me. [NYT, Image Credit: Eimantas Buzas/Shutterstock]



How is it better on the enviroment? Do people really think "the cloud" refers to a magical airborne place for data and unicorns to hang out? If the gubmint isn't running servers, that just means someone else will be- so same effect on the enviroment in terms of power use.