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USA USB Proves Once and for All That You Aren't a Terrorist

Illustration for article titled USA USB Proves Once and for All That You Arent a Terrorist

You love America, don't you, boy? Well, then, why ain't you showin' it? These colors don't run! Freedom isn't free! Smoke 'em out of their caves! USA USB! That's the name of this DIY USB device that attaches a lit, flapping flag to your computer. It'll constantly remind you that America is the best and constantly remind everyone around you that you are more patriotic than they are. As a bonus, if you put it in your carry-on luggage, you'll breeze through airport security every single time. Hit the jump for a tears-of-pride-inducing video of this baby in action.


[Instructables via Make]

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Who was it that said, "Installing Linux is installing Communism"?

This guy must be confused.