USB Good Luck Mamory Drive...What?

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The folks at SolidAlliance, who can't speak a word of English apparently, announced their "Yuuesubi Mamory" with a special good luck charm. The charm apparently brings good luck to those who haven't got a clue how to spell "USB Memory Stick". Luck comes at quite the price though. Expect to shell out $150 for the 512MB version and $250 for the 1GB version. Just your basic run-of-the-mill USB drives. If that's a bit too expensive for you and you're the kind of sly cat who's into Fucci instead of Gucci, you can get the bag only for $25, complete with "USB Mamory" written on the side. Now your friends will be jealous and your english professor will cry tears of hopelessness.

UPDATE: Ok I'm a dumbass. Mamori is Japanese for "good luck charm" hence the name. As for the name, it's based on the way Kanji is pronounced.


Omamori USB memory with Good luck charm [New Launches]

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